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CashProtect Pro

The PRO AS system is a model designed for points of sale where there is a high currency turnover and where the speed of exchange is a fundamental feature for the business.

This model is the one that satisfies all the needs of a chain of stores in which there is a large volume of operations and a high cash capacity is needed to support full opening hours.

A Solution  by e-Retail

E-Retail has deployed multiple installations across different sectors in Ireland, including petrol stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitality venues, pharmacies, and various other sectors. These installations encompass a range of technologies beyond CashGuard, reflecting E-Retail's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse business needs.

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CashGuard Premium


With CashGuard Cash Management, the cash is secured and automated at the checkout....

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CashProtect Fusion


It is a single-modular device, and can be installed for management by employees or, ideally, for the client, with the client being able to enter bills and coins independently........


Fusion - The most ergonomic system

FUSION is the latest launch of the entire e-Retail range, designed for cashier entry and/or self-payment by the customer.


The FUSION system is a high-performance system for businesses with more than 500 cash transactions per day, withstanding peak workloads.

This model has the perfect size and capacity for thousands of businesses that do not want a bulky system in their store but don't want to give up on efficient and reliable cash management at the point of sale.


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