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Cash Management
Cash Protection Systems

It´s time for Change

Cash handling is one overlooked part of the retail operation that can have an enormous impact on the entire business. Cash makes the store vulnerable to errors, shrinkage and robberies. Retailers spend several hours every day counting and guarding it. But still theft and shrinkage appear. Cash becomes the cashier’s highest priority – not customer service. Something is very wrong.

With CashGuard Cash Management, the cash is secured and automated at the checkout. You get real-time control and eliminate shrinkage. Now you can focus on the business, not the cash.

Complete Control

Implementing CashGuard entirely changes the way you handle cash. The cashiers no longer have personal floats. Instead, each checkout with a CashGuard system has its cash float. The system directly counts every coin and banknote as they are paid with.

• You get instant, real-time information on the cash levels on a checkout, store or chain level. Better financial control and more accurate reports.

• You can actively control the cash levels according to your needs – reducing the CIT and change purchase costs.


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A Solution  by StrongPoint


CashGuard is developed by the Norwegian retail technology company StrongPoint.

With more than 20 years experience and more than 35 000 sold systems is it the market-leading cash management solution. 

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Q. What are CashGuards?

A. CashGuard is a closed cash management and security system that integrates into existing Point of Sales terminals. Staff have no access to the till drawer and all transactions are calculated and administered by the system removing the risk of pilfering from the till and mistakes.

There is no need to organise till floats, count cash or reconcile the till at the end of a shift as this is all done by the CashGuard System.

Q. How much cash does a CashGuard hold?

A. A Cashguard system can hold up to  15,000 euro.

Q. How adaptable is CashGuard to POS systems currently being used by retailers?

A. CashGuard can be integrated with any POS system. At present CashGuard is integrated and will work with CBE, Retail Solutions, Stationmaster, Leaders, Merit, Western, Touchstore and many many more. If not integrated time is generally a week to 10 days and depends on point of sale project scheduling.

Q. Is there a need to organise the register floats at the start of each day or shift.


A. No. CashGuard organises the float in the register. The administrator sets the float in the till when first installed as well as the denomination levels. When CashGuard is being emptied, the system can empty down to the pre set float level or can empty defined quantities. Cash can be withdrawn at any time and can be done around managers/owners time in the store, however at any time a cashier can log onto  a till without concern about floats or denominations meaning no managers/owners are required for shift starts, end of day etc.

Q. Does CashGuard create a barrier between the sales assistant and the customer which may affect customer service and up selling of goods.

A. No. In fact CashGuard allows the sales assistant more time to interact with the customer as CashGuard counts the cash and dispenses the correct change. The sales assistant does not have to think about the cash involved in the transaction allowing them to interface for longer with the customer and even engage in upselling other products.

Q. How will the system effect average transaction time?

A. From experience in speaking with retailers and cashiers, the CashGuard system speeds up transactions time. It is faster than the slower cashiers and in some cases slower than the fastest cashiers but the major difference being no mistakaes are made. ​


Q. How does CashGuard facilitate cash back for example with Laser Cards?

A. Credit Card equipment is integrated with the POS system. CashGuard communicates with the POS and registers the cash back facility as a transaction and dispenses the cash back in effect as change. ​

Q. Is CashGuard sensitive to crumpled or slightly damaged notes and will transaction time be effected attempting to insert these notes into the system?


A. CashGuard checks the size of the note and checks for the metallic strip. Its acceptance of crumpled and slightly damaged notes is extremely high which is highlighted by the fact that the CashGuard systems are installed in bars where money is quite regularly damp or wet. ​

Q. How does CashGuard allow for cash returns to customers when a customer is returning an unwanted product?


A. The POS registers the transaction as a return. This is interpreted by CashGuard as a credit which dispenses the transaction value as change to the customer. ​

Q. Does CashGuard allow for rotation of cashiers without the need to reconcile cash, when a cashier is taking a lunch break or changing working shift.


A. Yes, As staff have no access to the cash in the till drawer, there is no need to count or reconcile the cash in the register between shift changes or breaks therefore any individual can log on to any till at any time. ​ ​


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