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Self Service Checkout


There is a clear trend toward more checkout options and flexibility in retail today. Retailers look for combinations of regular tills, self-scanning systems and self-checkouts to better fit their individual store layouts and concepts. At the same time, there is a growing demand for self-service options among shoppers.

A Self-Checkout solution means significant savings on labour costs, since up to eight systems can be manned by just one attendant. It also improves the checkout experience, since more checkouts can be available. This can be particularly important during peak hours, when shoppers may leave without making a purchase if the lines at the checkouts are too long.

A Self-Checkout solution is a particularly good fit for retailers with a high number of transactions and medium-size baskets. But it is important to carefully analyse your whole checkout area before any new systems are installed. StrongPoint will do such an analysis and will present the best combination of various checkout solutions to achieve the right synergies and improvements for you.

The StrongPoint Self-Checkout solution features a combination of hardware and software resulting in an interactive and intuitive solution with a modern design. Both the software and hardware are independent. So they can be used together or be combined with existing hardware or software. Your company’s colours and logos can be incorporated to properly reflect your brand.

Easy interface. The intuitive interface in our self-checkout solution makes the system easy to use for the customers. It also makes the solution easy to manage by staff. Reports show that the StrongPoint self-checkout solution requires 20% fewer interventions than other solutions on the market. Studies also show that the StrongPoint solution reduced wait time with up to 40%.

Checkout guidance. The solution features LED lighting that guides the customer through the checkout process and helps attract customers to using the self-checkout.

Upselling opportunities. When the self-checkout is connected to StrongPoint’s Tobacco Sales Automation solution there are unique upselling-opportunities for the retailer. Products stored in Vensafe can be promoted and sold through the self-checkout screen. This combination also enables tobacco sales in self-checkouts, something that isn’t possible with other solutions on the market.

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